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Five things to consider before you buy a home
June 28, 2020

Five things to consider before you buy a home

You only need to watch one episode of a house-hunting TV show to see what people want in a home: an updated kitchen, renovated bathroom, and nice floors.

But to truly love the home you choose, a lot more goes into the buying decision. Here are five things you should consider as you visit homes. Take notes, and think about where you want to invest your time and money.

1. Size matters

Think about the size of the home and any outdoor space. If it’s “cozy” now, will it feel cramped when your kids are teenagers and taller than you? Does it have enough bedrooms? What about the yard? If having a pool is on your wish list in the future, you’ll want to make sure the yard is big enough.

2. It’s just paint

Learn to look beyond the superficial design choices made by the current owner. Wall colours may create a bad first impression but keep in mind that painting is one of the least expensive home touch-ups you can do. You can probably do it yourself most of the time. This paint visualizer app lets you virtually paint the walls to see the magic of a new coat of paint.

3. Walk or drive?

Walkability is a big incentive to choose one location over another. Being close to everything you need might mean you don’t incur the expense of car and you won’t have to drive the kids everywhere. is a great site to find out how walkable a neighbourhood is. Select from most major cities in Canada to see how close it is to walk to stores, schools and restaurants.

4. Hello neighbour

Make sure you walk or drive around the whole neighbourhood. Does it have the stores and services you need? How busy is it during the day or during rush hour? Check to see how close you’ll be to airports, public transit, or train tracks. The price may be too good to be true because it’s on a flightpath. And try Google’s newest app, Neighbourly. It’s a great way to find out what the neighbourhood offers from the people who live there.

5. What’s outside counts too

You may have found a house where you love the kitchen, but what does the outside look like? After all, that’s what the rest of us see. Now it’s easy to see the difference some shrubs and plants can make with the PRO Landscape Home app.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. You’ll find a house that’s just right for you. To make the search easier, make a list of all the pros and cons for each house you visit. Then, run your list through the Best Decision app. It will run an algorithm to help you compare and make a great choice.

And the most important advice? You don’t have to go it alone. Talk to a Concentra Bank Mobile Mortgage Specialist before you choose a home. We can help you navigate all the ways to get everything you want in your new dream home.

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